Inland presents the Rock Bloom coffee table in collaboration with
South African artist Io Makandal.
Inspired by Lichen found in nature, the unique handmade glass top patina
is finely balanced between two sandstone shapes.

Lichen is among the oldest living organisms on earth.
It is estimated that 6-8% of Earth’s land surface is covered by Lichens and there are about 20 000 known species, which occur from sea level to high alpine elevations, in many environmental conditions and can grow on almost any surface.

Lichens come in many colours, sizes and forms, adhering tightly to a substrate like a thick coat of paint.  This resilient and versatile lifeform adorns the surfaces it grows on with an enchanting allure.

Glass was once sand. The simple yet elegant design of the three forms suspended in space, with no joins, echoes this symbiosis and the material singularity of these natural elements.

Our Rock Bloom table will balance contemporary geometric design and organic form to perfect harmony in your living space.

Sun Mirror

Continuum Mirror

Ratio Mirror

Horizon Mirror

Petal Mirror

Magnetar Mirror


Igneous Mirror

Solar Eclipse Mirror

Nebula Mirror

Stella Nova Mirror

Zenith Mirror

Event Horizon Mirror


Moon Rise Mirror

Fractal Mirror

Galaxy Mirror

Constellation Mirror

Mars Mirror

Eclipse Mirror

                                                                                Desktop Mirrors

Asteroid Mirror
Comet Mirror







After Image
by Sumayya Vally / Counterspace
Liminal Identities in the Global South, JCAF (
03 August 2021 – 29 January 2022)

made for Red Cherry Decor May, 2021


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